WCCI News 2019

1st Warsaw CTO Symposium

On April 10, 2019, the first edition of WAR-CTO Symposium will be held.
WAR-CTO Symposium

Percutaneous revascularization of CTO is challenging, and has been constantly evolving with unparalleled improvements of equipment and techniques, not seen in other fields of coronary interventions. The Warsaw CTO Symposium is a one-day course featuring the latest technical advancements and state-of-the-art technologies for percutaneous revascularization of CTO. This new conference has been specifically designed to address all contemporary CTO PCI strategies with a special focus on dissection re-entry techniques. Sessions will cover a broad range of didactic and practical lectures with simultaneous live cases performed by the world’s leading operators. Ultimately, a strong emphasis on mental skills and the perception of failure will be placed. The main goal of the Warsaw CTO Symposium is to bring together all CTO enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, in a cordial and open climate. We hope for an educational, interactive and fruitful course!

Symposium Programme (pdf)

Course Co-Directors: Paul Knaapen (Amsterdam), Alfredo Galassi (Catania), Maksymilian Opolski (Warsaw)


Morning Session
Chair: Paul Knaapen (Amsterdam)
Panel: Leszek Bryniarski (Cracow), Peter Kayaert (Gent), Andrew Lucking (Oxford), Alex Nap (Amsterdam), Maksymilian Opolski (Warsaw), Daniel Weilenmann (St. Gallen), Wojciech Wojakowski (Katowice), Jarosław Wójcik (Nałęczów)
• 09.00-9.05 Opening – Adam Witkowski (Warsaw)
• 09.05-9.20 How to build a CTO program: putting the puzzle together – Paul Knaapen (Amsterdam)
• 09:20-9:35 Hybrid approach: the ABC of CTO operator – Maksymilian Opolski (Warsaw)
• 9:35-09:50 Antegrade wire escalation: nuts and bolts how to win by KO – Daniel Weilenmann (St. Gallen)
• 09:50-10.00 Guideliners and Trapliners: Luxury or necessity? – Paul Knaapen (Amsterdam)
• 10.00 Live Case 4 (MSWiA Hospital) – Alfredo Galassi (Catania), Tomasz Pawlowski (Warsaw)

11.30-12.00 COFFEE BREAK
• 12.00-12.15 Collateral selection and crossing: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Andrew Lucking (Oxford)
• 12.15-12.30 I have crossed the collaterals: what’s next? – Alex Nap (Amsterdam)
• 12:30-12:45 New EU vs Global Guidelines on CTO PCI: the author’s perspective – Leszek Bryniarski (Cracow)

13.00-14.30 LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon Session
Chair: Maciej Lesiak (Poznan)
Panel: Jakub Drozd (Lublin), Peter Kayaert (Gent), Janusz Kochman (Warsaw), Andrew Lucking (Oxford),
Marek Radomski (Bydgoszcz), Daniel Weilenmann (St. Gallen), Jarosław Wójcik (Nałęczów), Sang-Wook Kim (Seoul)
• 14.30-14.45 Antegrade dissection re-entry: a blessing in disguise! – Peter Kayaert (Gent)
• 14.45 Live Case 5 (Institute of Cardiology) – Paul Knaapen (Amsterdam), Maksymilian Opolski (Warsaw)
• 15.30 Live Case 6 (Institute of Cardiology) – Alex Nap (Amsterdam), Artur Debski (Warsaw), Wojciech Wojakowski (Katowice)

16:30-16.45 COFFEE BREAK
• 16:45-17.00 Well-developed and poorly-developed collaterals: good cop, bad cop or potayto potahto in determining indication for CTO PCI – Stefan Schumacher (Amsterdam)
• 17:00-17.15 Closing remarks and adjourn – Robert Gil (Warsaw)